As gas prices fluctuate, many owners of commercial fleets are looking for new ways to improve their fleet’s fuel efficiency. Reducing fuel usage and improving sustainability will allow businesses to cut their operating costs drastically. One of the simplest methods to maximize your fleet’s fuel efficiency is to educate your drivers on the most efficient driving methods and to maintain your fleet properly.  

Dry freight trailers remain a preferred method of transporting goods among businesses. Today, we’ll take a look at why many companies prefer this popular shipping method over others. As one of the leading distributors of dry freight trailers, we’ll walk you through how these trailers can benefit your business.
As an industry trusted business for over 43 years, Anjer Inc. knows a thing or two about cranes and service trucks. We are proud distributors of STAHL cranes and crane bodies because they offer immense power and durability. When working in industries such as construction, mining or agriculture you need dependable cranes that provide lift capacities that fit your needs and luckily, we have them.